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I would like to support Unk! by putting their banner on my website.
That would be really great. Our eternal appreciation will be yours. Simply save our banner (the one you see here) and put it somewhere on your website. Link the banner to our website (www.unk.be).
The banner:

The banner is in the standard size of 468 X 60 pixels and it weighs only 8KB. If you want a smaller banner (234 X 60 pixels), let us know. It doesn't exist yet, but we can make one.

I have a music releated website and I would like to exchange banners or links with Unk!
If you have a website that's clearly dedicated to music (music webzine, reviews site,...) you can contact us to swap banners. We can put your banner on our links page (or in the footer of any of the pages, as long as that space is still available) if you return the favour.
If your website is about one band only, we can also exchange banners, if the band plays some sort of Dance music with guitars in it, or any type of Industrial Metal.
Dimensions and weight: the banner should be in the standard 468 X 60 or 234 X 60 pixels size and it should weigh less than 8KB. If you have problems providing us with a banner like that, pass on the one you've got, and we'll change it ourselves.
Other bands are welcome too, to talk about exchanging links.

I run a commercial website and I'd like to have my banner on the Unk! homepage or on any of the other pages.
The banner space at the bottom of each page is "for rent". If you like we could even make some room for your banner at the TOP of the homepage. That would require a slight re-design of the homepage though. Contact us for more information.

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