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Unk! encourages you to use our music on your personal website, and to direct your friends to our website, so that they too can download free music (More details below).

However, there are a few limitations to the use of our music. These limitations will probably not affect the average downloader who only wants to listen to our songs on his personal equipment, but for a more specific use of our creations, certain rules apply. The text on this page tells you what you can and can not do with our songs because 'free of charge' is not the same as 'free of rights'.

If after reading this page you still have the smallest doubt about the use of our music or video's, please contact us. We'll be happy to answer you.

Can I put an Unk!-song on my personal, non-commercial website?
You are allowed to put a song of your choice on your website (as a download and/or as background music). The only thing we want in return is that you mention the band's name and that you provide a link to our site (www.unk.be), so that the visitors of your site can come and download more of our music. And if it's not too much a hassle for you, we also ask you to send us an e-mail to let us know on what page the song is located. That's simply because we like to visit the sites where our songs appear.

Can I keep the song on my site as long as I want?
Normally yes, as long as your webiste does not turn form a non-commercial site to a commercial one. We also reserve the right to ask you to remove the song if we feel that the content of your site is something we do not wish to be associated with (a racist website, for example). Thank you for your cooperation on this.

Can I do anything I want with the MP3's?
Not everything, no. Save them for free to your hard disk or MP3 player for personal use. Burn them onto an audio CD for use in your own CD player. But you may not duplicate them to distribute them in any way and you may not trade or sell them to directly or indirectly obtain money, goods or services. Contact us if you wish to do something of the sort.

Can I pass the MP3's on to my friends?
Yes and no. Hear us out. The purpose of this website is to attract people to it, so that they can come and get to know the band. We therefore ask you to pass on our website address (www.unk.be) instead of simply passing on the songs if you think that your friend can easily download the songs for himself. You can pass the MP3's on to friends that don't have easy access to a PC or an adequate internet connection.

Can I distribute an Unk! song on a sampler audio CD or on a website?
Contact us if you wish to do something like that. We won't necessarily say no but we would have to make an official deal of sorts.

I'm a radio DJ. Can I play Unk!-songs on my radio show or virtual radio station?
As long as you mention our name, the address of our website (www.unk.be) and, if that's technically possible, also the fact that the song can be dowloaded for free, be our guest. Sending us a playlist or the location of your website would be nice too, but not obligatory.

I'm a club DJ can I play your songs in my club?
Unk! music is party music. People dancing to Unk! is the most
magnificent reward we can reap with our music. Play it and enjoy the


The rights to everything on this website (including MP3's, video's, text, design and pictures) are owned by the members of Unk!.

The normal copyright laws and laws of intellectual property apply.

All music, texts and artwork on this website is owned by the members of Unk! Copyright info Webdesign

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