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We don't waste your time with low quality MP3's and samples. All songs on this site are full songs of CD quality, unless mentioned otherwise.

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Click here to download the complete CD and artwork
Click here to download the complete CD and artwork
(Zip-file - 65MB)

Released : february 2007

This collection of CD quality MP3's contains our entire second CD. Download it and print the artwork to turn this virtual CD into a tangible one.

The one-click download does not contain remixes. Those can be found at the bottom of the main download page.

Artwork download (this artwork is also present in the one-click download)

Right-click to download this song Track 1:
Try This! -
Who needs XTC pills if you can have Unk!? An Electro Dance track that'll have you dancing on the table and headbanging at the same time.

Right-click to download this song Track 2:
Shut Up & Dance - - See the videoclip
Just as catchy as Try this! or We are Unk!, but with some virtuoso guitar soloing courtesy of our friend Gizz Butt (former live guitarist of The Prodigy and founding member of The More I see, Janus Stark and others). More info about this collaboration can be read on our news page.

Right-click to download this song Track 3:
We Are Unk! - - See the videoclip
One of our most accessible and catchy songs. A video clip of this song can be seen and downloaded here as well.

Right-click to download this song Track 4:
With part of the chorus "sampled" from a well know and respected artist (know who?) this is quite an energetic piece of Dance Metal. Additional vocals by Angelica Leyva.


Right-click to download this song Track 5:
Amy Lynn's Voice
A smooth and dance-inducing song inspired by a woman with a very sexy voice.

Right-click to download this song Track 6:
Dirty little Secrets
Everybody has some dirty little secret to dance to horizontally.

Right-click to download this song Track 7:
Shub Niggurath Come
Lovecraftian Drum 'n' Bass. Probably the darkest song on the entire CD.

Right-click to download this song Track 8:
Something's Going Down
Dance dance dance. Yes baby. Ooh Baby. Sex baby, yes. Additional vocals by Rosalien Ollevier.

Right-click to download this song Track 9:
This is the odd song out we've kept for the last. It's a Hip Hop / Rock track with lyrics sung in the beautuful Dutch dialect of 'West Vlaams'.

Want more?:
Did you already download our other CD? If not, go here.

Other bands and artists have not yet created alternative versions (remixes) of any of the Unk!-songs on this CD. If remixes become available, they'll be on the main download page, should you wish to add them to your CD.

Go to the main download page for remixes of our other CD's.

Remixes and alternative versions made by Unk! of Unk! songs on this CD.

Right-click to download this song Radio Scorpio Song

This is an alternative version of Biozyn we've made for an anniversary party of Belgium's best local radiostation. It's sung in another Dutch dialect called 'Leives'. For our two local fans here's a 'Leives' to Dutch translation (zipped txt-file).

What you can find on this page is a 'virtual CD'. It's a collection of MP3's which together make up a full CD. All you have to do to make your own hard copy is download the tracks, burn them as an audio CD and print the artwork and CD label.

What software do I need? Any CD burning program that allows you to burn MP3's onto an audio CD. You will also need image printing software to open and print the artwork.

The CD artwork: The artwork is a collection of large JPG-files (booklet, inlay and label). Simple instructions on how to print them is included in the JPGs.

All music, texts and artwork on this website is owned by the members of Unk! Copyright info Webdesign

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