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Click here to download the complete CD and artwork

Click here to download the complete CD and artwork
(Zip-file - 57MB)

Released : january 2003

This CD contains the music we've recorded in the first two years of our existence. It reveals a maturing band trying to boldly go where no other band dared to tread at the time.

Despite the fact that we now feel the CD has a few minor flaws and some weaker tracks it still got us good reviews.

The one-click download does not contain remixes. Those can be found at the bottom of the main download page.

Artwork download (this artwork is also present in the one-click download)

Right-click to download this song Track 1:
Big sister -
Big Brother or Big Sister. What's the difference? It's for morons anyway.

Right-click to download this song Track 2:
A song about a particualr kind of itch. Beware of toilet seats!

Right-click to download this song Track 3:
Reboot -
Something musicians who started out in the creation of music on PC will relate to. Probably the most rocking track of the CD but not as danceable (Hip Hop tempo).

Right-click to download this song Track 4:
Disco Techno
A song with "Hey! Ho! C'mon let's go!"-style lyrics that explain what our music is all about: simple fun.

Right-click to download this song Track 5:
Playstation -
The first song we ever made, and it's still one of our favorites. It's certainly one of our 'most Metal'. Child's voice by Gilles Depuydt.

Right-click to download this song Track 6:
Closer to me
Come closer to us and shake your booty. Or not? Maybe his intentions are even less innocent.

Right-click to download this song Track 7:
By rule of thumb -
A rather dark and mysterious song about... about what, exactly?

Right-click to download this song Track 8:
Eric, a true story
This Eric person participated in a Fantasy Roleplaying Game session where one of the Unk!-members was the game leader. This game led Eric to genuinely believe that the game leader was a priest of Satan. That was just before he joined a fundamentalist religious group. Not kidding here.

Right-click to download this song Track 9:
So beautiful
About a sad anorectic girl. Skinny's out. Round is in, or haven't you heard?

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Other bands and artists have created alternative versions (remixes) of some Unk!-songs of which the originals appear on this virtual CD. The remixes are available on the main download page, should you wish to add them to your CD.

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Remixes and alternative versions made by Unk! of existing Unk! songs.

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What you can find on this page is a 'virtual CD'. It's a collection of MP3's which together make up a full CD. All you have to do to make your own hard copy is download the tracks, burn them as an audio CD in the correct order and print the artwork and CD label.

What software do I need? Any CD burning program that allows you to burn MP3's onto an audio CD. You will also need image printing software to open and print the artwork.

The CD artwork: The artwork is a collection of two large JPG-files (booklet and label). Simple instructions on how to print them is included in the JPGs.

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