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For music industry professionals:
an audio CD of 'Nine Inch Males'

Are you a music critic who wants to review our CD, a label owner or another professional of the music industry?

Then there are two ways for you to get a copy of our CD 'Nine Inch Males'.

1. Download the free virtual CD that's available to everyone.
This is of course the method we'd prefer. Don't worry that you might lose out on sound quality, as the MP3's are of CD quality. This method saves us the cost and hassle of sending you a CD and you don't have to wait for the CD to arrive to you by mail. Just let us know why you have downloaded the CD, so we can start looking forward to your review or whatever. Download the complete virtual CD here.

2. Ask for an audio-CD to be sent to you by mail.
This option is only open for music professionals. We understand that music professionals may not have the time and patience to download 63 MB of MP3's. We can burn the CD for you and send you a copy by mail. Simply contact us to ask for your copy. Leave your name, street address and the reason why you'd like to have a copy.

Here's what some of the critics had to say about our previous CD:

"This first opus is an essential release" (Beyond webzine)

"A curiosity that's worth its weight of decibels" (Beyond webzine)

"This trio has created a new style that could become popular" (Music Extreme)

"This is an aural orgy" (Nameless webzine)

There are no quotes or reviews of this CD yet. Reviews of our previous CD can be on this page.

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