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This is where you can find the downloads that aren't MP3, video or image related.

Beverly Embry (website) has created an Unk!-Stepmania-file. StepMania is SourceForge's free, open source, music/rhythm game for the computer.

Step 1 - Download our Stepmania-file (4MB) and Beverly's helpfile (2MB).

Step 2 - Download StepMania: SourceForge StepMania page. Scroll down the page (feel free to look around!) and click on "View ALL Project Files". Select the latest version for your PC platform (such as "StepMania-3.9-rc2a.exe"), follow the download instructions and read Beverly's helpfile.

The Stepmania-game is usually played using the computer's keyboard, but using a dance pad or a controller are popular options (see picture below).
Unk! does not provide support for these downloads. For help and for further details, visit this site: SourceForge StepMania project

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