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Magazines, webzines, communities, GOA parties, band resources,...

BLACKFUEL: Metal magazine
CROWPARTY: Goth, Electro, Darkwave & Industrial parties in Belgium, France, etc...
DANCE-A-DELIC: Wild meetings for soft people
FREQDISTURBANCE: underground community into drum'n'bass/breakbeat/nu skool breakz/...
GOABASE: overview of GOA parties in Europe and elswehere
GOTH CITY: The city never sleeps
INDUSTRIALIZEDMETAL.TK: reviews, interviews and interesting links
METALMANIA: gateway to metal on the net
MIXPOSURE: musicians give feedback to musicians
MUSICEXTREME: an extreme view on music
ONBEKEND TALENT: Belgian site for starting bands with reviews, etc...
POGOSLAM: French metal & hardcore webzine
ROCKBAND.COM: Band listings in every genre conceivable | Our page
STARTKABEL.NL INDUSTRIAL: links to bands, clothing manufacturers, etc...
THE MUSIC PAGES: Resources for the Musician and music Fan
WEBZINENAMELESS: webzine specialising in independent artists

Beyond webzine

If you liked our music, check out these great artists

ALIEN VAMPIRES: probably the scariest, bloodiest dance music you'll ever hear
CARMILLA: Versatile band covering a lot of musical styles from EBM to Goth & Industrial
ELKTRONIC SCIETY: the new Industrial Metal [r]Evolution
HATRED HURT ITSELF: Alternative Industrial from the UK
PAPER JAM: great Electronic music that' ll have you dancing all night. Download their free CD.
PUNISH YOURSELF: electronic dance anthems, heavy beats & ultrasonic guitars
REEL: Industrial Dance Metal from The Netherlands
REGENERATOR: dark electronic dance music for the mind and body - Listen on Regenerator's MySpace page
THE SUN MACHINE: Techno that sounds as if it was made in the 50's
T3CHNOPHOB1A: brain thrashing hammering sounds that strike terror in every man
VIGILANTE: Electronic / EBM / Metal band
WALTARI: Jörg's Waltari World about this highly original band

when Opeth copulates with N.I.N.

Industrial Metal band

death roll indu core

Breakbeat House Metal

Dr. Koma : Cybertek music

A new breed of overdriven electro-dandies

Industrial Darkrock

Cybernetic Rock from Italy

Solo project of a member of Cybertron

Hammering rhythms, guitars, synthesizers and a powerful voice

Insane Industrial Goth from Italy

Brazilian cyber metal

SUN project - very original GOA Trance act (check out their guitar Trax CD)

Belgian music

If you are new to Belgian music, let me tell you that by visiting www.unk.be you have only started scratching the surface. Lots of intersting music originates from this small country. The following list does not contain all of the best known Belgian bands. It's just a selection we made for you with well known and not so well know artists that are all worth your attention.

CHANNEL ZERO: Belgium's #1 Metal band of the 90's (disbanded)
CYCLONE: Belgium's #1 Metal band of the late 80's (disbanded)
DAAU (Die Anarchistische AbendEnterhaltung): One of the most original acts on Earth
FRONT 242: The Godfathers of Industrial
HUELGAS ENSEMBLE: Paul Van Nevel's vocal ensemble for music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance
I H8 CAMERA: Improvisational band
JACQUES BREL: long dead, never forgotten
KILLER: Belgium's #1 Metal band of the early 80's (and still active)
LA MUERTE: between The Birthday Party & The Stooges, between blues and heavy-metal
LANI: GOA Trance from Belgium
LA PETITE BANDE: Baroque Orchestra founded by Sigiswald Kuijken
LUC VAN ACKER: Belgian Industrial artist who worked with Ministry, Revolting Cocks, etc...
NEON JUDGEMENT: making haunting dance music since the early 80's
NEVEN: somewhere between the Prodigy, Orbital and acoustic guitars
ORLANDUS LASSUS: the grand master from the wonderful realm of Flemish polyphony (1530-1594)
PANZER KUNST: between breakbeat and electronica, with a bend towards electro & experimental
PRAGA KHAN: Belgium's no.1 dance act
RAWFRÜCHT: weird avant garde jazz trio featuring Teuk Henri of Sharko
SHARKO: Pop and Rock band
TEUK HENRI: gently woven melancholic guitar tapestries (loads of wonderful free MP3's here)
THOU: Portishead meets Sonic Youth?
TRAFFIC JAM: Rock, Metal, samples & adventure
WIM MERTENS: minimalist composer
X-LEGGED SALLY: Zappa and Captain Beefheart, freejazz and funk, Avant-Garde and Rock

One of Belgium's most interesting Rock bands of the moment

Visit Raul'dJam, our Belgian partners in crime

Multi-influenced Metal from Belgium

Belgium related music Lists & MP3 sites:
ROTH 11 (tentative title): barebone beta version of an MP3 & feedback site dedicated to Belgian bands
THE BELGIAN BANDS LIST: a comprehensive list of nearly all Belgian bands
THE BELGIAN POP & ROCK ARCHIVES: Not as many bands, but a more in depth approach
FLEMISH CLASSIC COMPOSERS: an overview on the website 'a concise description of Flanders'

Radio stations (FM or web) and radio shows

Dakka Dakka Loud guitars radio show

DISCOVER RADIO: indie music web radio
MIXPOSURE RADIO MIX: radio stream by 'The Germinator' featuring artists from Mixposure.com (click to listen)
RADIO SCORPIO (FM106, LEUVEN): simply Belgium's best local radio station
SCAR: South Coast Alternative Radio
SPIDERPOWER WEB RADIO: Industrial, Techno, Goth,...
THE DARKEST HOUR: Gothic radio show on Radio Campus (Brussels)
THE SUN MACHINE'S WEBRADIO: Web radio station of this Techno band. Please request for Unk! to be played

Radio Twilight

legal free MP3 sites

If you like it that Unk! is giving their music away for free, then these are sites you can visit for more free music by loads of other artists. You might not find the big guns there, but you'll find lesser known bands that may be as good or even better. If you know of other sites that allow bands like us to upload their music, give us a sign.

AMAZON: Free music downloads section | Our page
Homepage | Our page
Homepage | Our page
Music page | Our page
Music section | Our page
(lots of streaming radio stations and free MP3's by bands): Homepage | Our page
Band search page | Our page
Homepage (here you donate money for songs, and the money goes to charities)
Homepage (click on 'Free > Muziek > Artiestensites'. This site is in Dutch)
Homepage | Our page
Homepage | Our page
Homepage | Our page
MIXPOSURE: Band search page | Our page
Hompage | Our page
Homepage (This site is in German)
Our page
Homepage | Our page
Our page
Homepage | Our page
Homepage | Our page
Homepage | Our page
Homepage | Our page
SONGRAMP: Homepage | Our page
Homepage | Our page
THE MUSIC EDGE: Homepage | Our page
Homepage (free and paying MP3's)

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Unk! is present on most of these sites. So, when you're there you can support our cause by downloading our songs or by voting for us. Downloading our songs will affect our rankings on a number of these sites. To the best of our knowledge these sites only provide legal MP3's (if not, please let us know and we'll update this page).


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