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Shut up & Dance voted "Star Track" on Dance-Industries.com.

'Shut up & Dance', the song with Gizz Butt's guitar talents on, was selected as the so-called "Star Track of the Week" by the staff at Dance-Industries.com. But as one of the visitors said: "It was quite clear this would become the Star Track of the week". Thanks guys!
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Unk! releases new CD and video clip.

Today sees the release of our new CD 'Nine Inch Males', a collection of 9 tasty guitar driven dance tracks. As always the new songs are given to music fans for free. The package also contains the necessary print-artwork so everyone with a colour printer can make an audio CD that looks like a store CD. At the same time we also released our second video clip 'Shut up & Dance'. It's an animated video clip created by ourselves that took a lot of time and effort to finish. For people into trivia wishing to know who the five people are who are "sharing" the stage with the three extra-terrestrials at the end of the video, they are: Chuck Berry, Lemmy (Motörhead), Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), an angel (painted by Carpaccio) and Gizz Butt. The latter is founding member of 'The More I See' and 'Janus Stark' who also toured with 'The Prodigy' for a few years as their live guitarist. He actually contributed to 'Shut up & Dance' as he played the solo guitar on the song.
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Our Unk! myspace page hacked by DJ Unk (continued...).

Apparently, the person who is now using www.myspace.com/unk is not the same one as the person who was calling himself 'DJ Unk' (see previous news message). The new person (called 'Chris') is using the page the way a myspace page is intended to be used by collecting friends, etc.... So, good luck to him. As for those who wish to visit our current myspace page: it's still here: www.myspace.com/unkdancemetal. If you were in our friends list before, please go there and send us a new request to be added to our friends list. Thank you.
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Our Unk! myspace page hacked by "DJ Unk".

People who recently visited our myspace webpage (on www.myspace.com/unk) might have notived there now is a person calling himself 'DJ Unk' (a name he apparently changed to 'Chris' a few weeks later) taking up residence there. Although we had been using that URL for over a year, someone apparently decided that we no longer had the right to use it. Unfortunately this means that we have also lost the hundreds of friends and contacts we already had on myspace. The people at myspace were unwilling or unable to give us any answers or to give us back our URL. Therefore we simply decided to make a new page at a different URL: www.myspace.com/unkdancemetal. If you were in our friends list before, please go there and send us a new request to be added to our friends list. Thank you.
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The Unk! Dance track 'Sexcuse me' appears on a sampler.

Cosmic Flower is a new internet music label, specializing in goa/psytrance mp3 compilations. Unk!'s track 'Sexcuse me' and 35 more tracks by lots of different artists can be donwloaded from the download page of the virtual CD 'COSMIC FLOWER - VA MARGUERITE 2006 [jitrocel]'. 'Sexcuse me' isn't available yet on our own site, so if you want it, get it there.
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The More I see & ex-The Prodigy guitarist records solo for Unk!.

Expect some lighting-fast guitar shredding on Unk!'s new song 'Shut Up And Dance'. Unk! got no less than ex-The Prodigy guitarist Gizz Butt to record the leads to this one. Check out what Gizz is doing these days with his band The More I See. A first rough mix is ready and will very soon be available from our MP3 page. Patience grasshoppers.
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From now on you can also join us on Myspace.com

Unk! invite you to join their friends network at www.myspace.com/unk, the ideal way to get in touch with other Unk! fans and supporters.
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Charity compilation CD project stopped.

Bad news. Due to an insufficient number of pre-ordered copies, the charity CD project (see also the news of 07-02-2006) has been stopped. Guess people found out we were on it, huh?
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Unk! on charity compilation CD. Buy it to fight children's cancer.

'We are Unk!' and 'Try This' have been chosen to possibly appear on the compilation CD that UK based label Line Out Records is going to put together as a fund raiser for the children's cancer charity Clic Sargent. The people donating money choose which songs and bands will be on the CD. Everyone that pre-orders the CD is given a login to Out of Madness to enable them to listen to streams of all songs and rate them. The final track listing will be made up of the top 15 -or so- tracks. So, this is your chance to actually own an official CD featuring Unk! by pre-ordering the CD and giving us a good score. All this while helping to beat children’s cancer.
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New section on this website

We have added a new section to the Unk!-website. It's a fun-page where you can download stuff that's not directly related to MP3's, videos or pictures. As is the case with our MP3's, etc... everthing on the fun-page is free for you to download as well. The content of the fun-section will grow over time. Now you can already download an Unk!-stepfile created by Beverly Embry. This is a file that will be very useful (and fun, of course) for people who already have Sourceforge's Stepmania dancepad game on their system. More info about Stepmania can be found on the funpage as well.
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New video clip underway

We are in the process of making a second videoclip. The budget will be as huge (as in non-existant) as the previous time. More details about the maker of the clip and the chosen song will follow later on this page.
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Voting for the Unk! video on Jim.TV has ended

'We are Unk' has been hovering around the 15th spot of the 'Puur Belgisch' show for a month or so. We think this is a great succes and we would like to thank anyone who has helped us getting our video clip on Belgian television.
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Vote to get the Unk! video on Jim.TV

Unk! has entered it's video clip for inclusion in the television program 'Puur Belgisch' on the telelvion station 'Jim TV'. Because we're up against better know acts (in Belgium at least), the only way for us to be included in this hit list, is by getting everyone to vote for our video.
So help us by going to the Jim.TV-site. Click on 'Programma's' and in the dropdown, select 'Puur Belgisch'. Now click on 'Voting' and select 'We are Unk!' and two more video's. Ask your friends to vote as well becasue it's time to get those pretty boys off the screen and bring on the ugly bastards instead!!! While you're there, vote for the video of our friends 'Raul d'Jam' as well.
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Unk! remixes Dope Stars Inc.

On 02-09-2005, Italian neuromancers Dope Stars Inc. released a first bunch of extra’s to the release of their brand new, fantastically packaged double CD 'Neuromance'. The first bunch of extra’s includes a remix by Unk! of their song 'Self Destructive Corp', we like to call ‘the zombie remix’. This song is only available from the Dope Stars Inc. website. It does not feature on our own site. You can also find remixes by Matt Howden/Sieben and Kubrick on the Dope Stars Inc. site.
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'We are Unk!'-video finally online

It has taken us a lot longer than originally anticipated to get our first video online on this website. Serious hardware problems, problems with the conversion of video-formats for online use, etc... pushed the release back for over half a year. But finally, here it is, our first video-clip, directed by Dirk Desmet with a virtually non-existing budget and within the very limited amount of time that was available to him. More info about this videoiclip can be found in several news flashes lower on this page.
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Unk! song used in Clearasil promo video

'We are Unk!' is used in a Belgian promotion campaign for the face-cleaning product Clearasil. You can watch this funny video on the Belgian Clearasil homepage. It was directed by Dirk Desmet, who is also the director of the 'We are Unk!' video clip. Of course the next time Unk! hits the stage you'll find them to be completely zit-free, making them even sexier than they already massively are.
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Ageism spoils Unk!'s selection for the Suiker Rock festival

We were quite pleased to receive an e-mail from the organisers of the Suiker Rock conquest that we were among the 30 bands selected to participate. Unfortunately their rules later revealed that at least 2 out of 3 group members had to be inbetween 14 and 26 years old. Bad luck, but life goes on. Even when you're "old" (LOL).
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Unk! releases remix for Italian band 'No Forgiveness'

The Italian extreme Industrial Goth band 'No Forgiveness' has contacted Unk! with the question whether we'd be interested in remixing one of their songs. Unk! agreed and has chosen their track 'Insane' which gave us the best vibes. There is a good chance that Unk!'s remix will be present on 'No Forgiveness' next CD 'Deja Vu', which will contain remixes, covers and new song by 'No Forgiveness' as well as remixes of different 'No Forgiveness' songs by several other bands.
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Italian artist 'Mental Siege' releases remix of Unk! song

'Mental Siege', a member of the excellent Italian dance project 'Cybertron' contacted Unk! with the generous offer of making a remix of our song 'Conquest'. That 'Hard Dance' remix turned out really well and is now available as a free download on this website as well as on Mental Siege's website. Go get it now!!!
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Unk! selected to be streamed on Mixposure's radio sation

Unk! is among a number of artists selected to be included in a new online radio station affiliated with the website 'Mixposure.com'. 'Germinator', the person responsible for the initiative has made a selection of artists based on the site's charts and (lucky for us) also on personal taste. The radio stream link will be placed as a sticky thread on Mixposure's forums for the visitors (mostly, but not exclusively, musicians) to enjoy their fellow musicians and for newcomers to have a taste of the talent present on the site.
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Temporary setback in the videoclip department

Dirk Desmet (read also the news article of 13-12-2004) suffered serious hardware failure which caused the nearly finished video clip of Unk!'s song 'We are Unk!' to be lost. Recently the director has courageously restarted editing the raw video footage, all this while he also has his hectic schedule for Belgian national televion. The clip will therefore be available on this site a few months later than previously anticipated.
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Unk! included in The Sun Machine's radio station playlist

The Electronic band 'The Sun Machine' has included two Unk! songs in their online radio station's playlist. Go there to listen to a varied selection of beat-based music. And while you're there, please request Unk! to be played. There are also free MP3's of 'The Sun Machine' itself. We liked the track 'Weapon' as it has distorted guitars in it. Go get it.
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Unk! makes first videoclip

The song 'We are Unk!' has been turned into a video clip by Dirk Desmet, director of Belgian national television programs 'De Werf' and 'Beautiful'. Mr. Desmet handled the video camera himself. The video was shot with a nearly non existant budget. It will be made available on this website very soon, probably in januari 2005.
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Unk! launches new website

Unk! has launched its new website. The visual design and actual website creation was done by the band members.

Unk! embraces the concept of free music for the masses
With the launch of the new website Unk! has taken the opportunity to make all their music available online for free. Their CD 'Braindead Poets' used to be sold for 6 Euro. But they have now decided to make the songs available free of charge by introducing the concept of 'Virtual CD's' on their website. This means that the entire CD is put online in true CD-quality MP3-files, together with the CD booklet. The CD booklet is available in a downloadable format and can be printed to be inserted into a CD-box.
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Unk! creates the Radio Scorpio anniversary song

Belgium's best radio station 'Radio Scorpio' turned 25. To mark the occasion Unk! took their song 'Be U Zine' and re-wrote the lyrics. The Lyrics were written and sung in the local Dutch dialect of 'Leives'. This is the dialect being spoken in the area where the station is located.
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Download the Radio Scorpio song

Unk! goes live
Unk!, initially a studio project, turned into a live act as well. They have transformed certain soundfiles into live mixes to which the live instruments and vocals are added on stage. Their first live show was on the 2004 edition of Freakfest, where they were playing together with Heavy Metal, Hardcore and Gothic bands. Needless to say Unk! was the odd band in the pack. Response was not negative though. They were at least more positive than might have been expected, given the fact that for certain fans of extreme music a mix of Metal and Dance beats is probably something of a blasphemy.
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Unk! gets vote of confidence
As a sort of testcase Unk! participated in a small contest by sending in a rough mix of the song 'Reboot' for the 'Demopoll' of the Belgian national radio station 'Studio Brussel'. Although Unk! did not win the contest (which included online voting), they did win the vote of the professional jury for being the most original competitor.

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