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Unk! would like to thank the following fine individuals.

- Dirk Desmet for proposing to shoot a video clip and to actually go through with it.

- Jan Vandenbergh and Flip Schaeken, the 'We are Unk' video roadcrew.

- Marc Vonstein and Studio52

- Stefan Strybol, Serge Blumenfrucht, Elke De Heyn and Mark Dekoker for providing us with props.

- Jan Vandenbergh (again) for his beautiful pictures.

- Jörg Stanzick for correcting our German lyrics.

- The reviewers, DJ's and other music professionals who have given us some of their valuable time.

- Our partners, families and other relatives for understanding that we have to spend time on this project and for recognising that we'd go crazy otherwise.

- You, for visiting this website and for even reading the last line on this page.

Think you can help us out with something?
Send a mail to info@unk.be if you think you can make a useful contribution to the spreading of our music or to our carreer in general. No matter how silly or trivial you think your idea is, it might actually be helpful or give us something to think about. And if it is indeed just silly, we don't mind. Send us that mail anyway. Thank you in advance for that.

All music, texts and artwork on this website is owned by the members of Unk! Copyright info Webdesign

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