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endorsed by Queen Muhora

The limited batch of Unk! T-shirts is finally available. The long wait is over.

They are available in two colours (lime green and black) and in different sizes.

Both the front and back have a 3 colour print (black, green & metal). The front has our logo, the back has a sun-shaped artwork, our 3 ugly heads and the message “Shut up and dance”. The message is also the name of the new song we’ve just finished in collaboration with Gizz Butt.

And what does this cost?
1 shirt is 18 EUR + postage


We, by far, prefer EUR payment via bank transfer (We’ll provide IBAN and BICC code for those outside Belgium sending us a request by e-mail to order a T-shirt). We do have a paypal account too, if necessary. Postage is the postage we have to pay at the post office for the parcel. We will tell you the exact amount as soon as we've received your mail.

If you are interested in owning your own Unk! T-shirt, simply contact us and we'll get back to you.



As our music is free, bying our T-shirt is your only way of supporting us financially, if you'd wish to do so. At the same time you'd be able to show off your good taste in music by wearing this little miracle of wonderful art.

approved by Uncle Tim

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