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This page should only be read by those who like to pigeonhole bands in a certain music genre, and by music critics looking to find out what we ourselves mean by 'Dance Metal'.

What's Dance Metal? What's Electro Dance Rock?
The music of Unk! is based on Dance rhythms and electronic sounds and samples from the world of Techno, Trance, etc... These rhythms are computer programmed, as is the custom in most Dance genres.

We called the music 'Dance Metal', since nearly all of our songs use distorted guitar riffs that come from the realm of Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal. For us this 'Metal' aspect is an option, though, and not an absolute must. Some songs are not as 'Metal' as others. That's why we also call some of the songs 'Electro Dance Rock'. Don't ask us what songs are Dance Metal and what songs are Electro Dance Rock. Just download Unk!'s songs here and decide for yourself .

The songs are no pure dance tracks. Although your average Unk! track is extremely danceable, they are structured like real songs, including the known "matrix" of verses and choruses you also get in your average Pop, Rock or Metal composition.

All in all, this means that Unk! music is meant to draw you to the dance floor, that it's purpose is to energize you and make you feel good, but that you can also simply listen to it while you are working, and sing along the lyrics.

We are...
... a maturing band in full progress that's trying to create an interesting hybrid genre of Dance, Metal and Rock, and that's trying to find it's own forms of expression.

We are not...
...Industrial Metal (unless to you Industrial beats and Dance beats both reside under 'Dance'). Nevertheless Many Industrial Metal fans like what we do, because we do share certain similarities: heavy use of electronic sounds, repetitive distorted guitar riffs.

...Extreme. The guitar riffs we use are mostly classic Metal riffs, or even Hard Rock riffs, and not Death or Black Metal. The vocals are also for the most part not as extreme as Death/Black fans would like them. To regular Pop or Dance fans, our music may already be too extreme though. It's just a matter of perspective.

...Gothic. Although there are ElectroGoth bands that also use Dance drum patterns, we are not Gothic. Our 'feel' is different. Nevertheless ElectroGoth fans tend to enjoy what we do.

music critics who'd like to get an even more in depth view of what we mean, by Dance Metal or by Electro Dance Rock can read this page.

It also shows a complete (and maybe a bit weird) list of bands we've already been compared to.

Reviews by professional music critics can be read on this page.

These are snippets of the strong reactions Unk!'s music already generated on forums.

"Die in public humiliation. Metal is a musical style meant NOT to blend with other forms of popular bullshit." (Valdemaniak on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"Shake that booty. Yeah, cool" (Sir Zuipsalot on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"I don't think it might interest any Metal fan that ain't into Techno" (Pullthechain.be on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"saw you guys some year and a half ago in Leuven. Best gig that day " (Brokkel on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"Really cool.. it rocks ... nice mixes, terrific sounds. " (Kab on the belgiummp3 site)

"This is really bad. To me the words Dance and Metal are a contradiction." (Nachtmiste on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"What a refreshing piece of magic. It gives dance fans a chance to savor great metal riffs" (an e-mail from David Finney - Ireland)

"This is a crime against humanity. I have never heard anything as terrible as this. F**K YOU!!! I hope you get cancer and die!" (an e-mail from anonymous)

"I downloaded the entire free CD and have been listening to it. In the car. Loudly. With the windows down. ...and it's winter." (Efreak on the Electroculturemagazine forum)

"Driving guitar & bass and a feast of hip techno sounds. You Belgium boys know how to rock!" (Jill USA on the Belgiummp3 site)

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