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This page should only be read by those who like to pigeonhole bands in a certain music genre, and by music critics looking for an aid to describe what we do.

1. Why call it Dance Metal?
Since at the time we started we didn't find any bands on the Internet that mixed Dance with elements of Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal in the way we did, we decided to invent a name for our hybrid type of music ourselves. We could've called it 'Heavy Dance Rock', 'Metal Dance', 'Guitar Techno', 'Sweaty guitar riff induced dance compositions from Mars' or whatever, but none of these terms had a nice ring to it, so we chose to call it Dance Metal. To avoid confusion and negative critics of hardcore Metalheads we later decided to also start using Electro Dance Rock as a description, since not all songs (go here to download them) are as clearly Metal influenced.

2. Is it Heavy Metal?
No. Not to us. What we do has influences of Heavy Metal, but it's not in Metal we would pigeonhole our music. Of course everyone will have his own idea of what Dance Metal is, due to the fact that everyone also has his own idea of what True Metal is. For fans of Death Metal and Black Metal (the most extreme genres in the Heavy Metal landscape), we are so far away of what to them constitutes 'Metal' that they might even by angered by our usage of the word 'Metal' (as was proven by some reactions on certain forums - see 'Forum Quotes' in the right column). On the other hand, no-one has ever been able to tell where Heavy Metal starts and where it ends. There are thousands of bands out there that work in the shadow zone of the genre, by mixing it with other genres. Unk! is simply one of those bands.

3. Is it Dance?
Again it depends on how wide your definition of the genre is. It's true that we do use dance drum patterns and synths to make our music danceable, but most of our songs are still exactly that: songs. They are not the kind of pure dance tracks that go on forever, because of the way Unk!-songs are structured. We build many of our songs like real Rock or Metal songs, with a mixed bag of rather poppy, Rock or Metal style vocals in a classic structure of phrases and choruses. In this sense we can be compared to electronic Rock bands like 'Pop Will Eat Itself' or Industrial Metal bands such as 'Die Krupps'. We do have a certain amount of songs that more closely follow the real Dance matrix, where vocals are much less important, and where the emphasis lies solely on keeping the beat going in a trance-inducing way.

4. Is it Industrial Metal?
That depends on your personal view. In fact, one of the genre's icons, the German band Rammstein calls their music 'Tanz Metal', German for 'Dance Metal'. But you may be among those who think that Industrial Metal does not have enough aspects of real Dance music (Techno, Trance, Jungle,...) to be considered Dance music. Ph. of Beyond Webzine is one of them. He wrote in his review about our first CD: "Rammstein has tried to seduce the public with their "Tanz Metal", but it was too square, too repititive, too industrial and in the end not very danceable. The CD of Unk! on the other hand is filled with major dance tracks". His review proves that it's indeed all a matter of perspective. We ourselves do not feel we are an Industrial band either.

4. Is Unk! the first Dance Metal band ever?
If your definition of Dance includes Industrial music, then we are most certainly not the first Dance Metal band (read also previous question). We are also not the first band to mix dance-like drums and heavy use of electronics with distorted guitars. Other bands predate us in that aspect: Atari Teenage Riot for example. Waltari did a few dance tracks too. And of course Kong was very danceable as well. But at the moment Unk! started working on the first song, we didn't find another band on the Internet that mixed real computer generated Dance drum patterns like those of Chemical Brothers or Prodigy with classic Metal or Rock guitar riffs (*). That doesn't necessarily mean that we were the first to do what we do. There were most likely already other bands doing the same experiments, but we simply didn't find them at the time. It would therefore be extremely arrogant to simply say we are the first Dance Metal band ever. We believe we are among the first though, in the genre that we perceive to be Dance Metal.

(*) = PS: Recently someone from the United States told us our music sounded similar to the music of the Swiss band No Religion (who were founded in 1996). We think he's right. So, if you really are looking for the first Dance Metal band, they may be it (it just depends on how their music sounded like in 1996, I guess). Anyway, they are a terrific band. Go visit them here.

5. If Unk isn't an Industrial Metal band, why are they listed as such on most MP3 sites?
Because none of the MP3 sites allow us to catalogue Unk! under a genre called 'Dance Metal' or 'Electro Dance Rock', simply because to them those genres do not exist. So, we were forced to catalogue Unk! under the nearest genre that combines rather repititive drum rhythms and heavy use of electronics with distorted guitars, which is Industrial Rock or Industrial Metal. Unfortunately this will put people on the wrong foot. That doesn't necessarily mean Industrial fans dismiss our music when they find out that what we do is not what they expected. Many enjoy what we do despite the differences.

6. Is Unk! an ElectroGoth band?
No. Mixing Dance rhythms or Industrial rhythms with Goth Rock and Goth Metal has already been popular for a few years now. There is a lively ElectroGoth scene with lots of interesting bands. We are however not a Goth band. Unk! mixes Dance with classic Metal and with Rock, not with Gothic music. A few of our songs do appeal to Goth Dance freaks though. Especially the ones where the vocals sound vaguely Gothic, or where the atmosphere is slightly darker.

7. What other bands has Unk! already been compared to?
Everyone of course compares Unk! based on the bands they know. People often recognise aspects of what other bands do in our music. As a result Goth fans compare us to bands like BlutEngel. Some Industrial fans compare us to Front 242. Industrial Metal fans sometimes mention Rob Zombie. The fact that the comparisons are so varied, is a good sign to us. It means it isn't easy to pigeonhole us in the classic genres.
Here's a list of bands we have already been compared to (some of these names seem very far-fetched, we know): Dope Stars Inc., No Religion, White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Front 242, Xe-None, Rammstein, Hawkwind, BlutEngel, Funker Vogt, The Prodigy, Massive Attack, Killing Joke, Oomph!, Front 242, Apoptygma Berzerk, Atari Teenage Riot, Laibach, Nacht und Nebel, Linkin Park, SUN Project, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Dark Soho, Eisbrecher, Pop Will Eat Itself, Chemical Brothers, ZZ Top, Cubanate, Prong, Die Krupps, Flip Kowlier (what the f**...?), Kraftwerk, Jesus Jones,...
One of the most interesting comparisons so far is the one made by a person called Bregt on the Studio Brussel forum: "it's a bit Front 242 meets Atari Teenage Riot meets psytrance-with-guitars".
But while there is a bit of truth in each of these comparisons, none of them completely captures the true nature of what we do. So we advice people to download the songs, before making up their minds about us, and to not have any ideas upfront of what we will sound like. If you come to our site, thinking we are a Killing Joke-clone or something, you might be very disappointed.

These are snippets of the mixed reactions Unk!'s music already generated on forums. Some people love it rightaway, others hate it to the extreme.

"Die in public humiliation. Metal is a musical style meant NOT to blend with other forms of popular bullshit." (Valdemaniak on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"Shake that booty. Yeah, cool" (Sir Zuipsalot on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"Sounds Okay to me! it's a bit Front 242 meets Atari Teenage Riot meets psytrance-with-guitars" (Bregt on the StuBru forum)

"I downloaded the entire free CD and have been listening to it. In the car. Loudly. With the windows down. ...and it's winter." (Efreak on the Electroculturemagazine forum)

"I don't think it might interest any Metal fan that ain't into Techno" (Pullthechain.be on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"saw you guys some year and a half ago in Leuven. Best gig that day " (Brokkel on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"Like the music but the vocals fuck it up for me. But that's just because I don't like clean vocals in this kind of music" (Alcoholspons on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"Really cool.. it rocks ... nice mixes, terrific sounds. " (Kab on the belgiummp3 site)

"This is really bad. To me the words Dance and Metal are a contradiction." (Nachtmiste on the Deathmetal.be forum)

"What a refreshing piece of magic. It gives dance fans a chance to savor great metal riffs" (an e-mail from David Finney - Ireland)

"This is a crime against humanity. I have never heard anything as terrible as this. F**K YOU!!! I hope you get cancer and die!" (an e-mail from anonymous)

"Driving guitar & bass and a feast of hip techno sounds. You Belgium boys know how to rock!" (Jill USA on the Belgiummp3 site)

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